Welcome to my page on astronomy courses that I will be offering with colleagues starting summer 2018. We will cover many topics ranging from planetary science to cosmology. These courses will be different from many online astronomy courses in that we do not use pre-recorded videos. Instead lectures are presented weekly with usually two lecturers present going through a slideshow and leading discussions about the material. Please send me an email on neiltrentham@gmail.com if you are interested and want more information.


Galaxies: what they are made of


Starting July 9, 2018 weekly on Mondays 7:30 PM UK time for five weeks


We will cover the basic properties of galaxies. First we will describe how different types of galaxies are different from each other. Then we will describe the observations of galaxies at different wave lengths and what they tell us about the different constituents of galaxies. Finally we will talk about the properties of stars, gas, active galactic nuclei and dark matter and how these affect the observations.


There will be four lectures

1. The basic properties and types of galaxies
2. Observations of galaxies
3. Stars, gas and active galactic nuclei in galaxies
4. Dark matter in galaxies

In a fifth lecture, we will look at some research papers, both classic papers that define the field and some important recent papers.